Online shopping for Toys & Games from a great selection of Die-Cast Vehicles, Toy Vehicles, Vehicle Playsets, Play Trains & Railway Sets, Pull Back Vehicles & more at everyday low prices. Box-office flop? But the story of "Days of Thunder" began across the street four years earlier in an Olive Garden. As soon as Robert Duvall arrived, he started reading those scenes with Tom and it was amazing. I loved Jimmy. Well, Harry, he liked to talk. That attracted a lot of attention from the thousands of spring breakers trying to catch a glimpse of Cruise. Towne was also at the peak of his movie-making powers. $20.00 + shipping . But I also felt so bad for him. Towne was 54 years old and already a living Hollywood legend. We had been so careful to make sure the producers had seen our race shops that are so pristine and clean, building cars using the latest technology. Simpson also kept a closet full of Donna Karan dresses to offer the attractive women his assistants found on the beach, and held private parties with friends like rapper Tone Loc . GENRE. I'm finished." New Listing APPLAUSE Mello Yello Days of Thunder 1/64 Toy Diecast Car Loose 1990. Don Simpson's very bright flame burned out with his [drug overdose] death in 1996. 5 Hendrick car, Bubba Wallace and NASCAR: What we know and what will change after recent hate crime inquiries, The Confederate flag is finally gone at NASCAR races, and I won't miss it for a second, Senior writer for ESPN The Magazine and We don't make "Days of Thunder" without Rick Hendrick's cooperation, plain and simple. Many among the NASCAR community have still never gotten over that barn, the rickety "race shop" in which Harry Hogge later builds Cole Trickle's first Chevy Lumina, talking to it all along ("I'll get you primed, painted and weighed ..."). Jan 27, 2020 - Explore Ron Lambert's board "Days of Thunder" on Pinterest. Bruckheimer: That conversation with NASCAR, that was not easy. Z Movie Car How Cruise convinced NASCAR | A 'graveyard' of wrecks or Best Offer . Welcome to SCSA Mods. Simpson was a bona fide Hollywood wild man, an Alaska-raised former head of Paramount Pictures. Harry Hogge said so. Bruckheimer: Don Simpson and I came out to Charlotte too. But the story of "Days of Thunder" began across the street four years earlier in an Olive Garden. Demonstrating Days of Thunder’s authenticity, cars were also entered specifically in Cup races in 1989 to gather in-race footage for the movie. Bill pointed to the phone and said, "Cancel them." Maybe he's a team owner now, like Dale Earnhardt was. | A new generation ... and sequel? I remember one night Simpson rented out an entire strip club, and when you got there he'd instructed the special effects guys to make the parking lot look like there had been a big NASCAR crash right there at the club. We poured every ounce of energy we had into that film, and even among what has become a very fortunate filmography, "Days of Thunder" remains very special to me. RUNTIME. "I'm gonna shave a half inch off you and shape you like a bullet. Meanwhile, the Hollywood trade papers were reporting that the film's budget had ballooned from $35 million to more than $60 million and Paramount was getting nervous about hitting screens in time for the coveted Fourth of July holiday. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. NASCAR saw Tom's enthusiasm, and they saw that Rick Hendrick was behind the project. Condition is New. days of thunder diecast cars - New. They even named him Harry! Rusty Wallace, NASCAR driver and performer of one line in "Days of Thunder": A lot of guys were pissed about that, movie cars being on the track. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for DAYS OF THUNDER 1/64 CITY CHEVROLET & SUPERFLO CARS at the best online prices at eBay! Or Tom Cruise exclaim, "Hit the pace car?!" Days of Thunder Rental car scene Dale Earnhardt and Geoff Bodine Dinner with Bill France. Harry Hyde did that to Benny Parsons at Pocono. Still, the take was less than half that of "Top Gun." He did a true deep dive into the lives of the drivers, the teams, every aspect of that world. That was born from an actual explanation of how the slingshot move worked, shown to Cruise and Towne by racers on a restaurant table, then transferred to Nicole Kidman's thigh for the film, explained by Trickle amid twisted sheets after a lovemaking session, because Cole, he was romantic like that. Greg Sacks, NASCAR driver and "Days" camera car driver: I still can't believe that NASCAR agreed to that, to let cars with cameras in them qualify and run in actual Cup Series races ... and I was one of the guys driving the cars! that was Harry Hyde screaming at me during a meeting with Rick to try and get us to work together better. The power of Tom Cruise | A game-changing deal US Cars; days of thunder; days of thunder. 0 bids. They were given free range. Days of Thunder revolved around a talented, hot-shot auto racing rookie, Cole Trickle (Cruise), who, after trying his hand in the American open wheel ranks, seeks to win on the NASCARcircuit. A camera guy spotted him and all of a sudden there he was, up on the big TV screen and it said, "Welcome, Tom Cruise!" Scott died on Aug. 19, 2012, when he jumped from a bridge in San Pedro, California. Chris Connelly, ESPN, then with Premiere Magazine and MTV: It's difficult to remember a time when an actor had more momentum than Tom Cruise did right then. Critics have called Days of Thunder ‘Top Gun on wheels’ or ‘Top Gun in Race Cars’, while the Monthly Film Bulletin described it as “simply a flashy, noisy star vehicle for Tom Cruise, one which, like the stock car he drives, goes around in circles getting nowhere.” They were the perfect yin and yang. Hendrick: Oh, they definitely wound up with zero. Today's racers gleefully quote Towne's script over the radio during races, and when it comes time for Darlington Raceway's annual throwback weekends, they paint their cars to look like Cole's, Rowdy's and even Russ Wheeler's. Classic sequels are working. Der Film wurde vom 11. John C. Reilly, aka Buck Bretherton: It was, I think, my fourth movie ever, and the first three certainly hadn't been like this one. Hendrick: Yeah, they cut from all of that awesome Daytona footage to this old rickety barn, and the graphic said in giant letters: CHARLOTTE, NC. Juni 1990 im Verleih von Paramount Pictures in den US-amerikanischen Kinos. Days of Thunder Rental car scene Dale Earnhardt and Geoff Bodine Dinner with Bill France. With Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall, Randy Quaid. $9.50. Kyle Busch, reigning NASCAR Cup Series champion: It is no exaggeration to say that between the ages of 6 and 10 I probably watched that movie 200 times. When Rowdy says he couldn't go because he had plans, that's exactly what Dale said too. It could boost the love of racing on a grander level, and show that industries learn, change, and adapt over time, and that there’s nothing wrong with that. Rooker was joined by up-and-comer John C. Reilly as mechanic Buck Bretherton; Randy Quaid as car salesman-turned-NASCAR team owner Tim Daland; and Cary Elwes, he of recent "Princess Bride" fame, as Trickle's new teammate and Hardee's-sponsored weasel Russ Wheeler. The only question now is: Are they going to make another one? And he wanted to make a NASCAR movie. Depending on whom you ask in the NASCAR garage, "Days of Thunder" either made stock car racing look forever cool or clumsily taught an entire generation little more than how to use Sweet'N Low packets to illustrate the aerodynamic draft. Updated decaling and colors. I just yelled back, "Yeah, OK, I'm working on it!" No matter where they stand when it comes to those debates, there's a pretty good chance that if they are surfing through their cable channels this summer and "Days of Thunder" pops up, they'll stop flipping long enough to hear Robert Duvall say, "Rubbin', son, is racing." I went to Robert Towne and said, "Hey, Robert, I'm sorry, but these scenes aren't working." After his speech, Bill Jr. said that we were all going to dinner. i ended up becoming an Air Force Pilot, and the characterization of race car driver psychology in the film is valid for military pilots as well in reality. Mal finden in Neustadt (Hessen) die "Days of Thunder" statt. Instead of his name over the driver's side window, Busch went with "Rowdy," and that's been his nickname ever since. I do still get checks every year from that one line I had in the movie, and they used to be pretty big. Let's ask the man, shall we? See more ideas about thunder, nascar, nascar racing. Want to know where Days of Thunder (1990) was filmed? My one-day trip turned into three months, and all I had was the one T-shirt. Jan 7, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by aubandjoe. Part of my Days of Thunder car collection. He loved it. I said that to Harry and Geoff in that same meeting. He wanted the audience to experience auto racing like it had never been done before, like he had on the racetrack. Earlier this month NASCAR banned that flag from its racetracks. But thankfully, it got better after that. At one point, we had to meet with them and say, "Guys, this is great stuff. Brand New. If you know the work of Robert Towne, then you know that's how he approaches any script. Equally unstoppable was the powerhouse producing duo of Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, who had worked with Cruise on "Top Gun" and overseen pop culture sensation "Flashdance" and a pair of "Beverly Hills Cop" movies starring Eddie Murphy. Well, I run NASCAR and I own most of the NASCAR tracks, so I can guarantee you that if you pass one car out there, you will absolutely never make it in NASCAR. Have one to sell? Vintage NASCAR Star: The Stock Car From Days Of Thunder Is for Sale. That very year, 1986, he starred in both "The Color of Money" and "Top Gun." It was a joke, but it was also a little reminder to let Cruise know that Bill Jr. was still the man in this town. 0 bids. Wallace: I've never understood NASCAR people being so sensitive about it. Punch: They managed to stay undercover until about halfway through the race. Hendrick: They rented out an entire floor of the Hilton here in Charlotte and cut holes in the walls of all the rooms so that they could walk from one end of the hallway to the other without having to use a door. I thought, "Well, damn, here I have gone and ruined everyone's lives, making us look like a bunch of hillbillies racing cars. He made it all work. Matchbox Days of Thunder Boxed … The NASCAR people had no problem holding their own. Use black or chrome wheels. I'd just had my big crash at Daytona, the one when I barrel-rolled down the frontstretch. But those treatments were still missing the mark, and while Cruise was busy with "Rain Man" and "Born on the Fourth of July," he didn't have time to babysit rewrites. Skip to main content. Image not available. We would shoot with them at the racetrack, wreck them all and load them up on transporters to be hauled back over to Hendrick Motorsports. He was frustrated with the standard clunky camera trucks, limited on speed and stuck with an elevated camera angle via a camera operator strapped into the bed of the truck. Because we know that if we go to the outside, we can hold it. Für die Teilnehmer gibt es Rundfahrten, Live-Musik, Cocktails, Burnouts, Tattoos und ein schöner Campground, wenn die Nacht etwas länger werden soll. Darrell Waltrip, Hendrick Motorsports driver during "Days" production: The whole thing about the driver not really knowing anything about cars, just going out there and driving, that was exactly Tim Richmond. According to EW, many stock-car drivers of the era feel that the film failed them, and didn’t do NASCAR justice. That set is where Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman met and fell in love. Or, yes, to watch that scene with the Sweet'N Low packets. Well, one night Bill France Jr. was having dinner with the movie folks and he knew Cruise was going to be there, so he got the Daytona International Speedway security to escort him to that dinner with all of their sirens blaring and everything. Connelly: That's not really a fair framing of the "Days of Thunder" story, is it? Iconic schemes from an iconic movie. They wanted to know all about that deal. Or Nicole Kidman shout at her soon-to-be husband, "Let may outta tha cahr, Cole!". Skip to main content. Those ghosts aren't limited to the Hollywood side of the story. Thankfully they said yes. See more ideas about Thunder, Nascar, Nascar racing. 107. Trickle's moves might have worked on Dr. Lewicki, but the slingshot move hasn't worked that way since the year before the film was shot. Days of Thunder quotes: the most famous and inspiring quotes from Days of Thunder. During 1990 Daytona Speedweeks, the movie cars were in the Winston Cup garage, being prepped, qualified and raced for real, their bumpers hiding cameras to capture legit in-race action. But that date was pushed back to mid-March, then mid-April, and finally to mid-May, only six weeks before the film's scheduled opening. And I don't think we'll ever know the real story behind Tony Scott's death. Bruckheimer: There wasn't much sleep happening, I can tell you that. They raced and wrecked cars at eight Winston Cup tracks, a pair of lower-level short tracks and a Florida air strip, plus on the sands of Daytona Beach. But I think the last one I got was for four bucks. Here is the money, make five movies, whatever movies you want to make, however you want to slice up that financial pie. 10th Days of Thunder | Samstag, 19. Picture Information. I … They love it. The comparisons between the films had been so constant, the "Days of Thunder" crew had worn joke "Top Car" caps during production. Richmond died from complications of HIV/AIDS on Aug. 13, 1989, the same day that Cruise and Towne were at Watkins Glen doing their story research. Like old friends, even if there are some images and moments that are certainly dated now. He told me to wait until Duvall got there. Then he headlined "Cocktail" and "Rain Man," a Best Picture winner. Jerry Bruckheimer: Tom brought the idea of "Days of Thunder" to us. Bruckheimer: I think about the meeting that you see in the film, when the president of NASCAR meets with Rowdy and Cole. I bought them because at the time a friend advised me they would be worth money with the incorrect body. But it's pretty obvious that Rowdy Burns is based on The Intimidator. We were at Daytona testing our Busch [now Xfinity] Series car, and they came out to the track, so we put Tom in that car, and he just took off. $9.40. Meanwhile, the film has been a lot like Cole Trickle's Lumina at Darlington, mysteriously gaining speed while other financially larger films of its era have fallen off the pace. When I was in "Talladega Nights" 15 years later, I tried to get them to let me shoot that same scene, where I was talking and rubbing, then getting way too intimate with the car. or Best Offer +$9.00 shipping. You can't do that, that's not your car. Padelford: It was really low to the ground, and the camera in the back was even lower. Padelford: We had a sequence where we were supposed to drive up through the pack. Rusty Wallace, NASCAR driver and performer of one line in "Days of Thunder": A lot of guys were pissed about that, movie cars being on the track. 128 likes. Number font slant should be FORWARDS. The scene where Big John tells Cole and Rowdy they will drive to dinner together is based on an actual meeting Bill France, Jr. had in the 1980s between Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and Geoff Bodine. You're gonna be perfect.". Vintage NASCAR Star: The Stock Car From Days Of Thunder Is for Sale. Dr. Jerry Punch, ESPN pit reporter and film technical adviser: I came in early on race morning and I was introduced to these two guys who were going to be part of my crew during the race. My camera operator shouts to me, "When you make that move, it causes the camera to really pan hard to the left!" And then over the next several years I was fortunate to have a lot of work and I realized, "Oh, OK, so every shoot doesn't try to burn down entire hotels. Rick Hendrick, owner, Hendrick Motorsports: I was still racing sports cars then and met Paul Newman, who was a very good race car driver. Padelford was only one of dozens of stunt drivers, but his role was the most important. your own Pins on Pinterest He specifically mentioned 1965's "Red Line 7000," which was so awful that NASCAR star Curtis Turner stood up during the premiere and shouted to fellow racer Tiny Lund, "Goddamn it, this is terrible! While those two films were in theaters, he was shooting "Born on the Fourth of July" with director Oliver Stone, which earned him his first Oscar nomination. Unter TV-Beiträge ist nun der Film von den DAYS OF THUNDER 2019 verfügbar!! Then a stuntman popped out of it, screaming, "F--- yeah!". 128 likes. That's when Tony Scott came to Bristol Motor Speedway to shoot a handful of racing scenes ... and ended up surrounding the half-mile oval with multiple cameras and shooting hours of footage. Days of Thunder (1990) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Before entering their cars in real races, Scott and his crew started shooting film sequences on their own. or Best Offer +$13.65 shipping. Production was supposed to have wrapped up at the end of February 1990, shortly after the Daytona 500. I raised my hand and I said, "Mr. France, if it gets late in the race and I think I have a chance to win the Daytona 500 ..." and he said, "Rick, I know you are working hard to make it full time in NASCAR. Bodine: When the movie came out, all I could think was, "Well, hell, there's all the stories we told Cruise and Paul Newman that night at dinner four years ago!". I said, "I'm already ahead of you. Try Prime All Go Search EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. It makes racing look cool. Bruckheimer: I don't remember a lot of that, and I'm sure there's a reason for that. Pre-Owned. May 26, 2020 - Explore James Dion's board "Days Of Thunder" on Pinterest. This astounding machine is powered by a 650hp NASCAR V8 engine with a billet crankshaft, forged pistons, 4-speed race transmission, a Tilton triple disc clutch and more. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH OUR 100% FEEDBACK PAYMENTS ARE EXPECTED TO BE RECEIVED WITHIN 48 HOURS OF PURCHASE OR THE … But hey, the way he explained it wasn't wrong, either. The cringers have also never gotten past little missteps throughout the film, like showing a shot of Daytona and labeling it Rockingham, or Cole Trickle, Russ Wheeler and Rowdy Burns announcing their next moves over the radio before making them ("I'm gonna draft Wheeler, make him pull me around!"). (Bruckheimer, Simpson and Paramount mutually ended their agreement later that year.) Please contact one of our expert sales consultants for the most complete information on this beautiful vehicle. 13 Antworten Neuester Beitrag am 22. But their inclusion in the film at the time is a very accurate time capsule of the 1990 Daytona 500 experience. I won't make a fool out of you.". Punch: When Harry says to Cole, "I want you to go out and hit the pace car ... because you hit everything else out there and I want you to be perfect," that was Harry Hyde and Buddy Baker at Martinsville. It was just a smoking pile of twisted metal. Contact Ideal Classic Cars of Venice, Florida today! The word on the street was always that they had offered him the role of Rowdy Burns but he turned it down because he didn't want to play the bad guy. Oct 25, 2020 - Explore Justin's board "DAYS OF THUNDER", followed by 231 people on Pinterest. That was probably for the best. Though Mello Yello is never mentioned by name in the film, its logo appears prominently on Cole Trickle's car, and a TV commercial tying the soda to NASCAR and Days of Thunder … While the movie was neither based on a true story, nor a biographical film, the main character Cole Trickle was very loosely based on the careers of Tim Richmond and Geoff Bodine, and several scenes reenacted or referenced real-life stories and personalities from NASCAR history. I've never seen a car barrel roll like that one did, and when it finally stopped, there was nothing left. Brownsboro community center welcomes the community to the first annual Brownsboro days of thunder car show. The look of that movie changed everything. Jump to: "Days of Thunder" opened with a $15.4 million weekend, the equivalent of $30 million in 2020 dollars, holding off "Dick Tracy," "RoboCop 2," "Total Recall" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" for the top spot at the box office. A young hot-shot stock car driver gets his chance to compete at the top level. Connelly: It has maintained legs, and I think that nostalgia certainly has a lot to do with that. I totally lost control as we entered a turn and completely spun into the infield grass, just looping it. That's exactly what that meeting with NASCAR felt like. That scene was spawned from a real life NASCAR story. This is a truly awesome car that is sure to get anyone's heart racing. When's the last time you saw "Dick Tracy"? Tom Cruise, aka Cole Trickle (interviewed for ESPN The Magazine in 2015): I had driven some incredible machines with Paul and Rick before that, but the sensation of driving one of Rick's stock cars around Daytona, that was an entirely different level.

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