The Blue Heeler and the Red Heeler breed are the exact same dog, but just different colors. The two I have now are polar opposites. Red Heeler parents can have blue puppies, and Blue Heeler parents can have red puppies. It is not until they are 8-12 wks old until their true color comes in. The Australian cattle dog is a mishmash of different dogs, specially brewed to be a valuable herding dog. Red Heelers, Queensland Heelers, Australian Cattle dogs, and the list goes on and on. Would this change their temperament as well? Australian Cattle Dog VS Blue Heeler: All puppies are born solid white with the exception of dark spots which may be around the eyes, ears, or on the back and even the tail. In my case yes, but mine are also opposite sexes. I personally don't think he is up to the responsibility of dog ownership. My blue is a male and my red a female. The dark spots will be black on a Blue Heeler and brown on a Red Heeler. Australian cattle dog, blue heeler, Australian heeler, Queensland heeler -- the names are different but it's the same dog, a tough guy who got his start in the Australian Outback. According to American Kennel Club, they known as Australian Cattle Dogs and the Blue heeler and Red heeler are the names due to the different colors so it does not means they are different canine breed. Red Heelers and Blue Heelers are the same breed, the Australian Cattle Dog. I've had Heelers off and on for 30 years. Weight: The males of both breeds tend to outweigh the females. All of our Blue/Red Heeler puppies will be CKC Registered Please remember Blue/Red Heelers are born completely white with no "Blue" or "Red" hair on them! The compact but muscular Australian Cattle Dog, also called Blue Heeler or Queensland Heeler, is related to Australia’s famous wild dog, the Dingo. The red heeler and blue heeler females both measure about 16-19 inches tall. The difference between Blue heeler and Red Heeler is a different color only. I would probably have them spayed/neutered as early as possible. Also Called Queensland Heeler or Where It Was Bred: Obviously a nod to its Australian roots, the Red Heeler seems more name for its coat now than anything else. These Australian cattle dogs originated in Australia in the mid-1800s and adapted well to the harsh desert environment of the outback. The blue is the more common colour but the red is fast gaining popularity. Puppies you will see in these photos will be much darker in color loosing the white/grey hair as they become a little older. I have no idea if temperament varies between the two. The weight of the female red heeler is about 30-36 pounds and the female blue heeler is 26-31 pounds. Most litters have more than one color of coat, including blue, red, mixed red/blue, and occasionally black puppies. The weight of the male red heeler and male blue heeler is about 33-36 pounds and 30-36, respectively. My son would love to have a Red Heeler bi*tch so he can name her Ranga. Blue or red heeler; Australian Cattle dog. Blue Heelers: Does a male or female have a better temperament to be a family dog? Red heeler vs blue Heeler . Truth is, this dog has had many names over the years.
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